Tommie Moore



  • Birth Name: Tomiwitta Moore


Pretty Tomiwitta Moore, who shortened her name to Tommie Moore was the bright, sweet, girl next door ingénue of Black Cinema. She was small in size but had a big presence on screen. To look at her in her early films, Tommie, looked like a young teenage girl but she was really an adult woman in her early twenties but her petite size and babyface looks could fool you and her looks often worked in her favor because she could play a teenage girl, a little sister or a little, vivacious woman. Tommie Moore was a fine actress who had personality, charm, and vitality, she displayed these qualities in the best of the Black Cinema films. In films “Gangsters on the Loose,” “Broken Strings,” and “Mystery In Swing,” Tommie never disappointed. In these films, Tommie dominated every scene she was is. She wasn’t just someone picked up off the street, she was obviously a trained actress because she showed such grace and professionalism in her roles and performances. She crossed over and into Hollywood films and gave excellent, memorable performances in “Something of Value” which starred Rock Hudson, “Band of Angels” starring Clark Gable and “The Green-Eyed Blonde” and also in TV she appeared in “The Amos ‘n Andy Show” and “Bourbon Street Beat.” In the mid-1940s, Moore was also one of the stars in the hit Broadway show “Beggar’s Holiday” that had a long successful run. She’s one of many unsung talented actresses who deserves much recognition. Most importantly she wasn’t just a black actress but an actress able to play anyone from all walks of life. She contributed hugely to American Cinema and particularly Black Cinema, by opening the doors for Black actors and actresses, proving that they could be successful on their own, create their own images, and be able to be talented without any labels or stereotypes. Tommie Moore was certainly a delight, she was a black actress who displayed a rare image that hasn’t been seen much, her warmth, charisma, sweet nature and genuine qualities within herself and what she contributed to her acting makes her an unforgettable talent. proving good things do come in small packages.