Morton Lowry



  • Birth Name: Edward Morton Lowater


Born as Edward Morton Lowater in Lancashire England to parents Edward Morton Lowater (1888-1956) and Bithiah Holmes (1884-1968), he had one sister Kathleen. Morton Lowry began a career to pursue acting on the London Stage. He started his stage career using the name Edward Lowater and appeared in many Stage ‘revues’, appearing in theatres such as the Alhambra, Astoria & Garrick where he is mostly credited as being part of the singing & dancing chorus line, according to sources at the V&A archives for stage performance held in their collection in London. He can be found credited in shows such as ‘over the page’ sept 1933 & ‘The Drunkard’ Nov 1934. It was during 1934 that he married Diana Whalley, this was a short lived marriage that ended on 1936. In 1937, by now using the name Morton Lowry, his career began to take off, he embarked on a relationship with Barnato heiress & socialite Virginia Barnato, which saw him traveling to and from the USA to the UK, they became engaged and married in 1938 and a child was born in 1939. This relationship dissolved around 1947. Morton went on to marry his last known wife in 1957 (still living) from which a child was produced. Sadly this marriage dissolved when Morton went back to the states to try and rekindle his acting career, a move from which he did not return back to the UK. Morton lowry died indigent in San Francisco on the 26th November 1987, at UCSF hospital of cardiac arrest, he was buried in Pleasant Hills cemetery.