Kirsten Heiberg



The popular actress Kirsten Heiberg belonged to a small club of Norwegian actresses who became famous in foreign films. She had a fine film career in Germany in the thirties and forties, in musicals, crime, and spy films, often seen as a foreign “femme fatal”. Her stage debut came in Bergen in 1929, later she worked in several small theaters in Oslo. Made her first film appearance in 1934, than she acted in both Norwegian and Swedish films until she settled in Germany, marrying composer Franz Grothe in 1938. Among her best known films are: “Napoleon Ist An Allem Schuld” (1938) and “Liebespremiere” (1943). After the war she returned to Norway and worked at the theater in Trondheim from 1952 to 1960. Last film-part in a film by Nils R. Müller in 1966. “Die Heiberg”, as she was called in Germany, died on March the second 1976, near the age of 69.